We Will Provide Comprehension Questions for Each Book, Grade Appropriate Vocabulary Lists, Audio Book, and

Give VOCA Test in Each Session!

Grade 6 ~ Grade 8

English Language Arts, the only subject required every single year from kindergarten through twelfth grade, becomes especially important in the middle school years. Elementary teachers typically spend a large part of the day on English, usually integrating it into a wide variety of subjects. Reading. It’s not just something you learn in first or secondContinue reading “Grade 6 ~ Grade 8”


Number The Stars(Grade 5 and up) [Historical Context of Number the Stars] Number the Stars takes place at the height of World War II, though it only ever obliquely references the machinations of the Holocaust—the genocide which systematically murdered over six million European Jews between 1941 and 1945. Annemarie’s friend Ellen is Jewish, and sheContinue reading “ANALYSIS”

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